People point to the brown picture of the oil industry components and green ecological energy arranged in a circle with the earth in the center
Server rack
Teams of automotive engineers and scientists discuss, design and research electric vehicle platforms
People who use remote sensors and mobile phones to check their blood sugar levels
Server racks, 5G towers, medical imaging and electric car charging collages
Make a Difference -2022

Make a difference

Committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability

Cloud - Computer - Hero -2022

Liquid-cooled data center

Maximize power density and sustainability for reliable peak performance at the best total cost of ownership

Electric Transportation 1- Hero -2022

Reinforce and cool electric transportation batteries

Prevents thermal runaway and early component failure while extending charging range to accelerate consumer adoption

Medical hero -2022

Simplified medical wearable components

Designed for patient comfort and safety, healthcare provider efficiency, rigorous reliability and total cost management

Hero Background -2022

Sustainable engineered materials and thermal solutions

This makes customers' products safer, faster, better and more reliable

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